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Email privacy policy

The following email privacy policy demonstrates our commitment to the privacy of your data and the rigorous protection of your information.

Did you get an email from us? Know why?
If you received an email from us, it may be through one of these channels.

1.- You have decided that this is the case: You shared your email address directly with us or one of our clients when registering for the service.

2.- You have accepted the use of your email: When requesting any of our services or our clients (online shopping, consulting, direct communication, among others)

Your time is important to us, that's why we control the frequency of our emails.

How do we protect your privacy?
Your data is not and will not be shared with third parties, we do not sell or rent it, we strictly control its use to prevent theft or loss of it. It is only used to send you special promotions or information regarding what you requested when registering, requesting a service or communicating directly with us or one of our clients.

Have you never registered or requested the service?
We are respectful of the time and work of others, but we cannot control that people outside of us or who may have a relationship with you, have used your email to register or request any of our services on your behalf.

How can I cancel the sending of email?
If you did not request, register, or use any of our services, and yet have received spam in your inbox, we include a simple removal form at the end of each email.

All our emails have an automated form of elimination, if despite this you continue to receive unsolicited email, please contact us in order to verify the error and eliminate it from the database to which you are subscribed.

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All email that offers services or products will be added to a black list.

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Doors close 30 minutes before

Closed on December 25

Open on December 31st and January 1st

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"To our customers: Due to the sale of alcoholic beverages, persons under 18 years of age are not permitted in the boutique. Thanks for your understanding."