Emeve's Boutique

Emeve's Boutique offers 4 tasting packages that consist of three kinds of wine that go from the most awarded ones to the house reserves.

Small groups don’t need reservations or to announce their visit.

However, large groups are asked to call in advance to the boutique at: (646) 156-8019 and let us know of your visit, so we can make sure your experience is as pleasing and unforgettable as possible, so you’d want to come back again.
The experience you have when you visit Emevé is unforgettable, because from the moment you arrive, ‘til the moment you leave our staff will treat you as a special guest, all with an excellent service that will make your visit a memorable one.
For us, our guests are very important and that’s why we like to make them feel at home. Here you’ll meet Brenda, whose responsibility is to make sure our guests feel like they’re around family. Everyone who comes here takes away the beautiful experience of touring around the vineyards, enjoying the view and breathing the countryside’s fresh air; all of this becomes a special memory that makes you not want to leave here and will surely make you want to come back.

VIP lounge for private tastings

VIP room completely private for special tastings of our wines, if your group is more than 12 people this is a recommended option, please write us or call us at (646) 156-8019, to confirm availability and can book in advance.


  • If you’re coming from the north you have to go through the Playas de Tijuana toll booth.
  • Then you have to go forward until you go through the Rosarito toll booth.
  • Go forward until you reach km 65 and take the exit of “La Fonda” in the camping zone of Alisitos.
  • Continue until you reach the village of La Misión, go forward until you reach the station and start going up the curves zone.
  • Go through Santa Rosa and continue until you reach km 83, there you’ll find the Guadalupe’s Valley (Valle de Guadalupe) sign. Turn left on the sign and go forward until you reach km 13.
  • Go through Bibayoff Wines until you reach the village of El Porvenir.
  • Go through an elementary school and a church (located on your left)
  • Continue until you reach the stop sign located in front of an IMSS, turn left and follow the Emevé Wines signs.


  • Take the Scenic Road No. 1 South (the one with tolls) to Ensenada.
  • Continue on that road until you reach the Ensenada toll booth.
  • A few miles before entering Ensenada, take road No. 3 (to Tecate, the Wine County or Ruta del Vino)
  • Continue for another 17.5 miles on road No. 3, until you cross the Guadalupe River.
  • After crossing the river turn left and you’ll find Guadalupe. Go forward for another 3.5 miles until you pass the Monte Xanic and Chateau Camou wineries.
  • When you reach the stop sign located in front of the IMSS, turn right and continue for ½ of mile.
Emevé’s Boutique is wating for you, ready to welcome you as what you are: Our special guests. We’re always at your service and it would be our pleasure to have you here!

Boutique Emeve


  • Los Nietos Reserva:
    $700 mx
  • Malbec 2013:
    $400 mx
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2013:
    $500 mx
  • Shiraz 2013:
    $400 mx
  • Armonía de Tintos 2016:
    $350 mx
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (Magnum 1.5 L.):
    $2,000 mx
  • Isabella 2017:
    $400.00 mx
  • Chardonnay 2019:
    $400.00 mx
  • Souvenir Wine Glass:
    $100.00 mx
Wine Testing
  • 1 Rose + 2 Reds:
    $200.00 mx
  • 3 Reds:
    $250.00 mx
  • 4 Reds (Wine glass included):
    $400.00 mx
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Emeve's Boutique & Wineyards

San José de la Zorra
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Valle de Guadalupe
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"To our customers: Due to the sale of alcoholic beverages, persons under 18 years of age are not permitted in the boutique. Thanks for your understanding."