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Emevé Wines is a synonym for excellence, the care of their vineyards and the quality of their grapes produce the best wines in México.

Emevé comes from Mr. Mario Villarreal’s desire to break into the winemaking industry. In 2004 he started planting different types of grapes on his ranch in Guadalupe’s Valley, that today has become into an 18 hectares vineyard that produced 60, 000 bottles per year.

Good wine is produced from the care of the grape since the plantation, and Emevé’s philosophy is: To take care of the vine, the irrigation and the vineyard management, so nothing gets in the way of the growing of grapes.

This way the colors, flavors and aromas blend with each other and are imprinted into each and every one of the different varieties of wine that are produced. After the fermentation process, the wines are pressed and finally they go to the barrel in which they’ll be for a year. Emevé uses the best types of wood for their barrels, which are usually Hungarian, French and American.

From the heart of Guadalupe’s Valley in Ensenada, Baja California, Emevé invites you to take a glass of wine, it doesn’t matter if it’s white, pink or red, because here we harvest only the best grapes to produce them, which is reflected in the quality of every wine we bottle.
Business Sales

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