The Syrah grape is a variety of grape that’s used to produce the Shiraz wine, one that belongs into the red wines. The grape has a French origin, specifically in the Rhone Valley, although it’s in Australia where it has been planted the most and it’s also where the name Shiraz comes from.

The grape has a bluish black color, an elliptic shape, medium size and soft pulp and it’s hard to grow because it requires a lot of sun and high temperatures.

The wine hast an intense red color, with a flavor that changes depending on the crop and the barrel in which it’s aged; but regularly a Shiraz tends to be fruity, with wild berries aromas of blackberries and plums, with a hint of spiciness. If it’s grown in a warmer weather, it tends to have notes of mocha or chocolate.

The Shiraz wine is robust, and that makes it pair perfectly with strong dishes, like Mexican food, spicy food, dried meats, pastas with tomato sauce, lamb and some mature cheeses.

Tasting notes

Red wine, with an intense and shiny red color. It presents fruity notes, with raspberry and gooseberry aromas. Its flavor is round with good acidity and persistence and it’s aged in French and American barrels.
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