Malbec is a type of grape originally from France, which is used in the production of red wine, its origins are conceived in the province of Quercy and Cahors and it’s named after Monsieur Malbec in France.

It’s a wine that’s successfully produced in Argentina as much as in France, but with noticeable structure differences between them.

The grape has a soft skin, round shape, medium size and a bluish black color.

The Malbec wine has a great body, with fruity and floral aromas. The flavor has hints of plums, cherries, chocolate, dried fruit and vanilla; with herbal notes. When it’s aged in bottle, it presents notes of tobacco, pepper, cinnamon or leather. It has a deep almost ruby red color, with bluish or purple hues that makes it look almost black. It’s fruity when it’s young, and develops notes of wood after being in the barrel for 8 to 10 months.

This wine pairs nicely with red meat dishes, pastas accompanied with tomato sauces, cheeses and grilled meats.

Tasting notes

It’s a red wine, with a shiny intense red color. It presents notes of raspberry and gooseberry. It has a round flavor with good acidity level and persistency and it’s aged in French and American barrels.
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